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Why Are Pikler Triangles So Expensive?

The most common question we see asked is why are pikler triangles so gosh darn expensive? Well, there many reasons for that and we'll explain in detail below.


What goes into making a Pikler Triangle?

Inorder to answer why pikler triangles are so expensive, one must know exactly how a pikler triangle is made. There is a lot of time invested into creating each individual one. The process starts from locating the best wood to use, cutting each piece, sanding and perfecting each piece, and then lastly the testing process. Each process takes hours and hours. No two pikler triangles are the same.

Cost of Supplies

The cost of the pikler triangle is inheritedly higher because of the cost it self for supplies. With the wood that we use, Birch Plywood, the cost of the amount of wood we use is in itself 60-70% of the cost. We try to provide the cheapest price we can for our customers . We charge enough just to cover our labor and overhead costs.

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