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Where To Buy Used Pikler Triangles?

At Montessori Climber, we understand buying brand new Pikler Triangles is not only a long term investment but an expensive one to most. To help with that we wanted to touch upon buying used pikler triangles.

Advantages of Buying Used Pikler Triangles

  1. Cheaper - The biggest reason to buy a used pikler triangle. You can find some for even as cheap as 100 dollars!  

Disadvantages of Buying Used Pikler Triangles

  1. Quality - Most of the time when customers come to us to buy a pikler triangle it's usually after they have bought used equipment that they found that had splinters  in the wood.This is a HUGE NO-NO to us. 

Buying Sources 

1) Craigslist - One of the most popular places where customers we speak to are buying used climbing equipment usually resort to. Highly recommend that you inspect any item in person prior to purchasing. 


2) Ebay- With eBay, you really have no way to judge the quality of anything your buying except basing it off a sellers prior reviews and sales. 


3) Friends/Family - This is the best way I think one should buy anything used as you can atleast vouch for it.

Should you buy used?

In our opinion, if your buying a used Pikler, get it from someone like a friend or family member that you can vouch for. Or instead, just build one yourself if you want to spare the expense.

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