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Correcting Your Child's Mistake

Maria Montessori believed that it was wrong to associate the child with punishment for their wrong behavior. 

This is how she introduced the Montessori principle of self-education. 



Opting for the Montessori self-education means being able to empower your children through any action they may do wrong, without the use of a real reprimand. 

To reproach the child through screaming, punishment, spanking, and often threats is not the best way to intervene if you want to obtain a constructive reaction and positive growth for your child. 

Calmly explaining why their behavior was wrong is more conducive to a positive attitude. 



The self-education aspect of the Montessori method is certainly a much more delicate intervention system than classical education usually practices. 

In addition to the use of punishments, there is often a tendency to use a reward system. 

Let's take, as an example, the typical candy that is given to the child to make them do something they just don’t want to do: "Come into the car seat and I’ll give you a candy as soon as you fasten your seatbelt.”

Punishment, as much as this type of attitude with “prizes," does not allow the development of self-discipline. 

These types of solutions are often implemented by adults because they often produce immediate results. However, they can do more harm than good, since they deprive children of the opportunity to take responsibility for their behavior. It doesn’t give them a chance to think about the uncomfortable situations they create through their behavior. They may even decide to behave badly just to get a reaction out of the adult, who will quickly give a reward or punishment.



Finding a solution to a child's misbehavior through self-education is naturally going to be more challenging than the simple punishment/reward system.

To avoid the automatic reaction to whims, parents and educators have to truly commit to it. 

The society in which you live, your work, the time you have at your disposal, your personality, the education you got as a child are all determining factors that make dictate how easily you can adjust to educating your child using the Montessori method. 

It may be challenging, but it is not impossible!

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