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Assembly Guide

1. We provide you with extra screws just incase, so if you have extra screws leftover that's meant to be! 

2. For the Pikler Triangle, there are 2 main screws used. One is the 55/45 mm screws (28 of those included in each set), and the 35 mm screws (3 of those included in each set).

3. For the Ramp, you will use the Konfirmat screws only.

4. For the Arch, you will use only the 55/45 mm screws (20 included in each set that is packaged separately than the ones used for the Pikler Triangle).

5. Everything is labeled in the videos below on when to use each screw. Each set includes everything needed to complete your triangle, arch and ramp - No extra tools needed! 

Pikler Triangle Assembly


**If you received 55 mm screws, that is a substitute for the 45 mm screws**
**At 0:57 Seconds - that should read 45 (or 55 mm) NOT 40 mm**



Ramp Assembly




Arch Assembly