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How To Use The Pikler Triangle

Maximizing your child's time with the Pikler Triangle is crucial to successfully improving your child's gross motor development skills.

There are our top rules to generating the most skills for your child with our Montessori Climber.

1. Let the child lead

Let the child lead his way over to the Montessori Climber. Let him be the one to dictate the pace. Follow his interest and pace. Let him pick the activity - whther it is to play with the pikler triangle or not. Either way, let him know that he is in charge of his own interests- empower him!

2. Let them work with the activity as long as they like

As the child is mastering climbing with the Montessori Climber - do not rush them nor end it too early. By doing either, you will be interrupting the child's focus. Let them dictate the pace. You may ask them if they would like to repeat the activity again, as this will encourage repetition, but again always involve their input. That's the Montessori way!

3. Put the Pikler Triangle away when finished

When the child is finished with climbing, it is safe to put it away. This enforces a timeline with activities. It tells the child that there is a beginning, middle, and an end.

4. Be a role model

Our children learn a lot from us. They see how we engage with others, how we engage with them, etc. For that reason, the more independent they see you - the more independent they will be with activities. That is why it is crucial to do everything with proper mechanics such as something as simple as pushing a chair with 2 hands, etc. Be the change you want to see! 

5. Allow any use of the materials, but stop when they’re used inappropriately

Children will often explore activities in various ways. On one end, we do not want to limit their creativity however we do not want them to harm themselves. That is why it is of utmost importance to keep a watchful eye with children using the pikler triangle. if a child is using the Montessori Climber incorrectly, show them how to use it correctly gently.

6. Modify to meet their level

Modify the use of the triangle from a gradual progression - easy to hard. The way we do that is with the elevation of the ramp. You can make the stamp nearly flat on the bottom dowel and then gradually increase the incline.