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History of the Pikler Triangle

The Pikler Triangle is slowly becoming one of the most popular Montessori toys and with that being said there is so much we do not know about the Pikler Triangle. The Montessori Method as we know was developed by Dr. Emmi Pikler. However before we delve into her history, we should also talk about RIE. 

What is RIE?

RIE is Resources for Infant Educarers.  How did this get so popular all of a sudden you ask...well for that we have to thank the handful of celebrities which have publicly endorsed RIE teachings and coverage in high profile articles such as NY Post, NY Times, and Huffington Post. 

RIE was officially founded in 1978 by Magda Gerber. 

What Does RIE Emphasize? 

The RIE parenting method emphasizes most of all autonomy. It is one of the key principles in having children develop freedom of motion. RIE shares very much similar teachings as Montessori however I would argue that RIE is even more independent learning. 

Examples of RIE learning are having children use small sized utensils as opposed to bottles etc. They are encouraged to use their intrinsic muscles to get up and move around as opposed to having parent carry them or prop them into position. 

Who is Emmi Pikler?

Well, since we mentioned RIE founder, Magda Gerber -  did you know that Magda met Dr. Emmi Pikler? Yes, that's true. Dr. Emmi Pikler, a pediatrician, did indeed meet Magda Gerber and bonded over their teaching styles. Dr.Pikler studied medicine in Vienna in the 1920s before moving to Budapest. It was in Budapest where Dr.Pikler was able to start her own private practice and truly spread her teachings as a pediatrician. More importantly, she was able to build a strong connection with kids and their families. It is rumored that the connection she built with families helped save her life during the Holocaust as they helped hide her during that period of time. 

Dr.Pikler's teachings were brought over to the United States when she along wit her husband fled from Budapest in 1956. It is thought that the reason for them fleeing is because her husband was accused of being an American spy! When in the United States, Dr.Pikler started her practice in Los Angeles and the rest is history! 

Unfortunately, Dr Pikler died in 1984, however her teachings lived on through her children who were able to commemorate her by the designing of the Pikler Triangle.